I'm a philosopher based at the University of Sydney in the Discipline of Philosophy in the School of Humanities.

I am interested in a wide range of philosophical topics, but tend to think and write about issues in political philosophy, the philosophy of mind, and the philosophy of language.

In political philosophy, I have published work on educational justice, the relationship between democracy and social equality, and on questions related to political legitimacy and Indigenous justice. In the philosophy of mind, I have published on our knowledge of our own minds and our knowledge of our own reasons for acting and holding particular attitudes. In the philosophy of language, I have published on the syntax and semantics of why-questions.

I have several research projects on the go. One on philosophical issues relating to educational justice. Another on the nature of political legitimacy and its application to Indigenous issues. And another on the nature of first-person thought and, more broadly, the role of perspectival thought in the humanities.

To find out more about my current and published research, visit my research page.

I regularly teach two units at the University of Sydney, PHIL2635 Contemporary Political Philosophy and the July Intensive iteration of PHIL1012 Introductory Logic. I often teach into other courses, like PHIL1013 Society, Knowledge and Self, and PHIL3686 Core Issues in Practical Philosophy.

To find out more about my teaching, visit my teaching page.

I am currently the convenor of the University of Sydney Philosophy Seminar Series for which I maintain the following website. Contact me if you are a philosopher passing through Sydney and would like to present something in the seminar series.

I live in Sydney with my partner and our three children.

You can find me on PhilPapers here and on PhilPeople here.

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