New Paper: "Political Legitimacy and the Voice to Parliament"

Posted on September 21, 2023

My paper, “Political Legitimacy and the Voice to Parliament” has just been accepted at the Journal of Applied Philosophy. It is available here:

Here’s the abstract:

This essay sets out an argument from legitimacy for the proposed Indigenous Voice to Parliament in Australia. The essay first sets out an understanding of political legitimacy and of legitimacy deficits and argues that the Australian Government faces a legitimacy deficit with respect to its exercise of political power and authority over Indigenous Australians. The deficit arises, it is argued, because Indigenous Australians face significant structural injustice and there is little hope of redressing this injustice within the prevailing governing conventions. The essay then argues that the proposed Indigenous Voice to Parliament ought to be seen as part of a package to address this legitimacy deficit by resetting the governing conventions of Australian society. The argument from legitimacy is then compared favourably with more familiar arguments from sovereignty and the right to self-determination.