Legitimacy Beyond the State Workshop (ANU)

Posted on March 5, 2024

Last week I travelled to the ANU to participate in the “Legitimacy Beyond the State Workshop” (Australian National University, February 27-28, 2024). The other participants included Nate Adams, (University of Virginia) , Brookes Brown, (University of Toronto), Aaron Fichtelberg, (University of Delaware), Stephanie Collins, (Monash University), Paul Forrester, (Yale University), Sean Donahue (ANU), Gen Fukushima, (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science). Yutang Jin, (University of Hong Kong), and Luise Müller, (Freie Universität Berlin). It was a wonderful workshop with lots of fruitful discussion and a fantastic group of people. I learned a lot from the other participants. I’m hoping to write up my talk as a paper in the coming months. Thanks to the organisers.